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From: Kay Chang <>
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 20:24:10 -0600 (CST)

>Well Terra, I always think that your ideas are good.

ACk, don't do that. I'm blushing! <G>

>Ok, so who is gonna be Jake's father in your story?

I dunno what his name'll be yet . . . but I did like making Jake's father a
bad guy. Maybe I'll keep that notion . . . after all, it gave him
justification to become an Enforcer, didn't it?

>Yeah, I guess so, the power to make it canon isn't with us, but we can
always have fun guessing it.

Yeah . . . but then, to me, just plain *writing* the stories are fun. If
only I could pull off what I *really* wanna try writing. <sighs> Well, if
people think I should try pulling off this story stunt (and if I do, and
it's a succses(sp?), I am gonna have a heart attack.)
And what's the idea? I'm too embarassed. I'll tell if I'm asked very nicely,
but otherwise, it's just gonna become another idea lost somewhere in the
gray matter of my brain. <Wistful sigh> Oh well. Write, write, write, write!
Let's get some stories in before summer vacation!!!
<Terra now falls back in a dead faint--too much sugar and activity for one
<Starts coming to . . .> Ooooooh, my head. Y'know, I think I posted more
this week than I have for a while. And Courtney was becoming worried I
didn't like SK anymore . . . <EG>

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