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Date: Sat, 16 Mar 1996 08:17:48 +0700

Edo wrote:
>>I think that making your own character is a much better alternative, it
>>lets you to be more creative.

Terra wrote:
>You actually *liked* my idea? Whoa . . . that's a new one.

Well Terra, I always think that your ideas are good.

>>who is Maxwell Clawson?
>Maxwell? Well, he was gonna be Jake's dad, but . . . I'm gonna write another
>story <sigh> sorta like this one, but different, know what'm sayin'?

Ok, so who is gonna be Jake's father in your story?

>Anyway, probably any story we write of their childhood won't be right,
>'cause we aren't the story writers for the series. <TS>

Yeah, I guess so, the power to make it canon isn't with us, but we can always have fun guessing it.

>Terra Chang:
>thinking about names (run for cover, everybody!)
>writer and poet
>crazy violin player (really I am!)

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