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>>Well Terra, I always think that your ideas are good.
>ACk, don't do that. I'm blushing! <G>

He.he.he, I like it when you blush. :)

>>Ok, so who is gonna be Jake's father in your story?
>I dunno what his name'll be yet . . . but I did like making Jake's father a=
>bad guy. Maybe I'll keep that notion . . . after all, it gave him
>justification to become an Enforcer, didn't it?

Well, to join the Enforcer just because he felt guilty about on what his=
 father did before probaly isn't a very strong reason. But hey, it's your=
 story, do what ever you like.

I think that Chance probaly screw up a lot of things in his life, and the=
 Enforcer maybe his last chance to patch things up. You could make him=
 encountering some problems with alchohol in his past life, but I don't=
 think that exactly his character, of course since that this a fanfic. Well,=
 you decide. After all, this is your story.

Meanwhile Jake, there is some posibilities. The question is, which way?

>If only I could pull off what I *really* wanna try writing. <sighs> Well,
>if people think I should try pulling off this story stunt.
>And what's the idea? I'm too embarassed. I'll tell if I'm asked very=
>but otherwise, it's just gonna become another idea lost somewhere in the
>gray matter of my brain.

Pretty please with cherry on top. :)

>Terra Chang:
>writer and poet
>crazy violinist

>"I tell myself that not long ago the fate of the world was in their hands.=
>Then I ask myself: 'How the heck did we survive?'"

Heh. Sound like something that Feral will likely to say.

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