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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 23:40:42 +0700

> What I thought was that maybe either the Rat or Chance could make
>another file sorta thingey in the story site for summaries. Now, before you
>start chewing me out, lemme 'splain.
> When an author writes something and sends it to the Rat, they could
>also write a short (one paragraph or so) summary of the story, that sort of

Like the paragraph that you are using right now?

> And also (I got this idea from the Black Rose's spec archieve) we
>could make different divisions, y'know, like one place for humor stories,
>one for action, one for ongoing series, that sorta thing. See, the Black
>Rose puts the stories in these different catagories like "Finished" and "In
>Progress" and "Silly" and so on.

I got another idea, lets do the same for the kats/image/drawn directory, I'm still confuse on who draw who.

> I know there's no humor stories yet, but who knows? Maybe one of
>these days I'll write one. =)

Well, I think that one of Ryan's stories can be consider as one.

BTW, have anybody here have been thinking on making a humourous top ten list about the SwatKats? or some sort of cross-overs?

> Like I said before, this is only an idea. Anyone like it? Do tell.
>Do tell. =)

Well, the SWAT Kats fanfic stories is only a few now, but I'm sure that when there is over 30-40 fanfic stories in, I think that the catagory thing will be perfect.

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