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From: Kay Chang <>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 1996 12:18:37 -0600 (CST)

        Hi fellow kat fans! It's me again! I had this (good? bad? totally
insane?) idea about the stories last night, but it was too late (11:45) to
do anything then. I don't know what you guys will think, but oh, well, like
I said, it's only an idea.
        What I thought was that maybe either the Rat or Chance could make
another file sorta thingey in the story site for summaries. Now, before you
start chewing me out, lemme 'splain.
        When an author writes something and sends it to the Rat, they could
also write a short (one paragraph or so) summary of the story, that sort of
        And also (I got this idea from the Black Rose's spec archieve) we
could make different divisions, y'know, like one place for humor stories,
one for action, one for ongoing series, that sorta thing. See, the Black
Rose puts the stories in these different catagories like "Finished" and "In
Progress" and "Silly" and so on.
        I know there's no humor stories yet, but who knows? Maybe one of
these days I'll write one. =)
        Like I said before, this is only an idea. Anyone like it? Do tell.
Do tell. =)
        Hey, if it worked for the a.b.a.r., why can't it work for us? I
mean, the a.b.a.r. is just like our story site; an archieve of fan works.
        So, what do you guys think?

Terra Chang:
M.T.S.C. (More Than Slightly Cracked)
happy, happy, joy, joy,
Wondering "what the heck will the others think of my idea?"

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