Re: Responbilities and Magic.

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Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 19:06:11 +0700

>>>Ah yes, two fun-loving, COMPLETELY reckless folks. The kid'll get
>>>a kick out of that.
>>Well, people do became more reponsible when a kid is near them, I
>>think that this is the reason on why Commander Feral became more of
>>an adult when times goes by. He has to look after Felina.
>Feral's always been responsible.

That's because he has a niece beside him. And I think that somebody here
once said that Feral is an alley kat when he just a young kat.

>Could Chance change? Naaaaaaaahh .. .

Hey, if a kid is near him, I think that he will become more cautios on what
he gonna do or say.

>Reminder here that he's in his twenties and still watches Scardey

Scaredy Kat got nothing to do with responbilities. You could be a Mayor of
a big city (No! I'm not talking about Manx.) and still watches Scaredy

>>>Mages is plural for mage. A mage. It's a Lopinenean (culture
>>>explained in the story) type of sorcerer.
>>So basicaly they are magicians, right?
>No offense, but I despise the word 'magician' and even 'magic.'

How about the word "Luck"? Of course I never rejected a lucky horse shoe,
it may come in handy.

>Those words have really been dragged through the mud by guys with
>tuxedos doing card tricks and slicing their assistants in half.

I just hope that they can glued back their assistants again. :-)

>They should be called "illusionists" or something instead.

How about calling them "Technomages"?

>In my seaQuest stories, I use words like thaurmaturgy and demonology,

"thaurmaturgy" and "demonology"?

>but being my fanfic does deal with a cartoon show that saws 'magic' quite
>often, I'll use the word.

How about the terms "paranormal activities"?

> Dr. Jake

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