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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 19:06:46 +0700

>>>I'm referring to the scene where
>>>Manx is turning on the shower & the ooze comes out.
>>That's the scene before we saw a kat stuck in a car - drowning.
>Do you mean Callie?

Yep. We also see three other kats drowning. They are: Chance, the TurboKat,
and Razor.

>I don't remember any other kats drowning (unless you
>count the homeless kat in the beginning, but you don't really see him

Well, he's kitty litter now.

BTW, Callie seem to be jumping around avoiding from being wet, could it be
that she hate water?

>>I think that this is an alternative option instead of putting a cat in a
>>bag and
>>then throwing the bag into a liquid enviroment. Of course criminals do this
>>all the time.
>Cats (as in actual real-life housecats) swim,

I don't dare to test that theory, my sister will never talk to me again.

>so you have to put them in a bag before throwing them into a liquid
>enviornment. (just some useless information in case you didn't know

How about if I lock the cat (Or kats.) in a car and then push the car into
a liquid enviornment? will that will work too? Of course it will work! if
it work for us humans, I guess that it will work for cats (Or kats.).

>BTW- How many of you out there are blessed with the joys of having an actual
>Cat? :-)

I have, do you want to see a picture of them? :-)

BTW, "Joys"?

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