Re: Litterboxes and Kat showers

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 19:06:40 +0700

>and as far as Razor's furball in "Bride of the
>Pastmaster" goes, my guess is that Kats must take regular showers, but will
>resort to licking themselves for emergency grooming.

Maybe some of them take showers and some don't.

>One thing comes to mind though: house cats generally don't like water,

Hmmm, let start a list on who like water and who don't, any suggestion on
who like water and who don't? I think that I already got some ideas on who
like water and who don't, but since that I only watch 9 episode presently,
I need some help here.

>although some larger cats, like tigers, will readily swim in or soak in
>water, either to cool off or to pursue prey. I get the feeling that Kats
>don't mind water, either (i.e., Megakat State Beach, Anakatta Island, etc.)

Maybe kats feelings for water is just like humans do for water, some of
them may like water and some don't.

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