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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 19:06:58 +0700

>In article <> you wrote:
>: >>What kind of rivalry that you are talking about?
>: >
>: (chance is answering my question.)
>: Oh, that kind of rivarly, T-Bone is mad because Razor is getting all the
>: attention from the Queen, and think that Razor is deviating from his duty
>: as a SwatKat (And he's right.), what will happen if this happen again?

I just read "Dark Ages", so I think that my question has been answered.

>: >>Does she is really Callie's ancestor? I always think that she isn't
>her ancestor.
>: >
>: >Not sure if Callista is intended as a linear ancestor of Callie
>Briggs...I guess you could make a
>: >worthy case for either side of the argument with equal validity.
>: Maybe it's the same family relation between some of the character from the
>: series and the ones thats in my fanfic story.

BTW, has anybdoy here noticed that Callista seem to be younger than Callie?

>They make T-Bone and Razor Toooo Staniotypical, And how do they exspect
>to get the programe (Hanna Barbara Productions) Seriously if they are
>suppose to be such heros if they are so mechanicaly Declined.

"Staniotypical"? what is that?

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