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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 1996 00:28:01 +0700

>>(BTW, this Razor's eye-slots turning to "hearts" is something
>>that you would likely to find in "SM".)
>Heh. Actually, when I saw my canned copy of the "Bride" ep,
>I'd just finished watching "Sailor Moon" and thought much the
>same thing.

Just as long jake and Chance doesn't decided to make a glovatrix that shoot
out Roses, I think that the SwatKats could avoid being a clone (Matt, if
you still decided to draw the guys in that way, just don't try to give them
a mask - OK? :)).

BTW, I always wonder, who is the worst Ice-skater on MegaKat city? Oh yeah,
one more thing, you guys always saying not knowing true identity thing,
lets start this topic again by comparing SK identity with SM identity.

>>What kind of rivalry that you are talking about?
(chance is answering my question.)

Oh, that kind of rivarly, T-Bone is mad because Razor is getting all the
attention from the Queen, and think that Razor is deviating from his duty
as a SwatKat (And he's right.), what will happen if this happen again?

>>Does she is really Callie's ancestor? I always think that she isn't her
>Not sure if Callista is intended as a linear ancestor of Callie Briggs...I
>guess you could make a
>worthy case for either side of the argument with equal validity.

Maybe it's the same family relation between some of the character from the
series and the ones thats in my fanfic story.

Oh yeah, I need one information to aid on my story, will T-Bone and Razor
act the same if they meet another lady that look like Briggs?

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