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(DJ Time travel theory.)
>Any changes are because of their presence of absence. In this case,
>because they were blasted forward in A Bright and Shiny Future,
>they were absent and the Turbokat (unless someone else was
>driving it) was not able to crash into City Hall because it did not

Unless there is a theory of an another TurboKat, just like we mention before.

>It was too busy being blasted into the future. Once in the
>future, the SWAT Kats ARE able to change their past by getting back
>and being present for the attack of the Metallikats,

But if we see one TurboKat failed, will the SwatKats fail on defending the
city from the Metallikats?

>which was never launched anyway because the Pastmaster never started
>Mack and Molly up again (we think).

But the Pastmaster come to the present after he brought the Metallikats to
live, so it mean that the future will remain the same either if we use your
time travel theory or other people time travel theory, so we back to the
main question again, will the Swatkats die in the near future?

>The hole in the plot was the existence of the Turbokat in the future fight
>that T-Bone and Razor were not present for. That only could have existed in
>another dimension, where they were NOT blasted into the past.

I do have patch for this plothole (If we do this with your theory.), do you
want to hear it?

> Dr. Jake

The time travel theory that you talking about is almost similar to the one
that ST:TNG use for the episode "Yesterday Enterprise".

BTW, a circle??? just don't say it in front of "you know who". :)

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