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Date: Sat, 13 Jan 1996 13:30:32 +0700

>>Unless there is a theory of an another TurboKat, just like we
>mention before.
>Yeah, stuff not mentioned in the show is always another

It is actualy was not mentioned in purpose (Or it just something that they
don't want to talk about.), so that is up to us to fanfic away,
unfortunately I'm still not able to fanfic that address.

>but let's remember they were probably speaking with Cally over
>her communicator before they crashed. It's possible; anything's

Could it be that she only press her communicator button and not talking to
them? or it could it be that she has been fool by someone who is
impersonating the SwatKats? (Why not? one of my fanfic character is a great
voice impersenator.)

>>I do have patch for this plothole (If we do this with your theory.),
>>do you want to hear it?

Well, I already tell you, there is another TurboKat, and it has fool the
rest of MegaKat city by claiming it was the SwatKats, of course this is my
theory, any comments?

>>The time travel theory that you talking about is almost similar to
>>the one that ST:TNG use for the episode "Yesterday Enterprise".
>Sorry, only seen ST a few times and haven't seen that episode.

Well, I will tell you about the episode, and to keep this message about
kats, I just try to draw some paralel, sorry chance, but I have to explain
this so that people will understand why I try to paralel ST:TNG "Yesterday
Enterprise" and SwatKats "A Bright and Shiny Future".

Ok, the story is about a timline deviation from the original timeline. It
started when Enterprise D has encounter some strange space anomalies (Hey,
it's a big universe, anything could happen.), and their sensor has detected
that a ship is emerging out from that space anomalies, then after it just
come out, guess what happen to Enterprise D and the rest of the Federation?
The relationship between the Federation and the Klingon has changes! the
ship that has pass through that space anomalies is Enterprise C, a ship
that has some important role in the past (Compare that to the SwatKats, and
you get the idea.). When the C has been blasted to the future, everything
changes from that the point in time that the C belong to, and since that
the C was absence for almost 20 years, the whole future changes.

Of course I haven't watch this episode for a longtime (Beside, I don't
write pretty well.), so to all the Trekker that is in this list, please
help me on this one, please?

Now if we draw a paralel to that episode, we can assume that: Enterprise C
= SwatKats, Federation = MegaKat city, the Klingon = the Enforcer, and=
Romulan =. The Metallikats. The SwatKats travel to the future, and found
out that something has gone wrong, so they try to fixed it and return to
the past, the same goes for the C.

I just think of this while I'm playing "A Final Unity", it's too bad that
there is no SwatKats adventure game around.

>>BTW, a circle??? just don't say it in front of "you know who". :)
>You mean that other guy we're fighting with?

No, I mean a certain captain that we know.

> Dr. Jake

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