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Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 22:45:58 -0800

At 09:15 PM 1/11/96 EST, you wrote:
>Christmas?? Hmmmm . . .
>I spend WAY too much time thinking (more like daydreaming),

Let's face it. I daydream about the SWAT Kats every class period, evey
night, and every week end. This is my third year, so far. Because of this, I
consider myself an extremist, unless you daydream 24 hours a day?

>and I think (sometimes) about all this general stuff you tend to wonder,
>like "what religion to the SWAT Kats belong to?" and "what happens on
>holidays?" Since I'm basically wondering this stuff for fanfic, I
>tend to make it up (hey, it IS up-for-grabs).

Do tell. That's what I do. It really has surprising results if I do say so

>In my stories (thought I may never bother
>to mention it) Jake is Jewish and I suppose Chance is Christian.

Really. I thought myself that one of them was Jewish myself. At first I
thought it could be Chance, But I think he's an atheist (however spelt) and
Jake's jewish, after reading this.
>This makes a lot of stuff easier for me with Jake, being
>I'm Jewish, so if I ever wrote a story were he got married,
>I would know the right ceremony and stuff.

COOL! I'm kinda thinking that when I get older, to see what Jewish stuff is
like. I find it a bit facinating (no offence here to anyone, except to Ted,
of course!!)
> just thought I'd mention that . . .
> Dr. Jake

B-ko Daitokuji
SWAT Kat Extremist

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