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>At 09:15 PM 1/11/96 EST, you wrote:
>>Christmas?? Hmmmm . . .
>>I spend WAY too much time thinking (more like daydreaming),

>Let's face it. I daydream about the SWAT Kats every class period,
>night, and every week end. This is my third year, so far. Because of
this, I
>consider myself an extremist, unless you daydream 24 hours a day?

I switch off between SWAT Kats and seaQuest. While I was writing the
sQ novel
I'm trying to get published, I spent most of my time thinking about
Right now it's in the stages of finding an editor and rewriting, so I
took a
break for a Gargoyles/SWAT Kat story, so my current thoughts are
based on the
kats. And somehow, I'm still on the honor roll . . .

>>and I think (sometimes) about all this general stuff you tend to
>>like "what religion to the SWAT Kats belong to?" and "what happens
>>holidays?" Since I'm basically wondering this stuff for fanfic, I
>>tend to make it up (hey, it IS up-for-grabs).

>Do tell. That's what I do. It really has surprising results if I do
say so

>>In my stories (thought I may never bother
>>to mention it) Jake is Jewish and I suppose Chance is Christian.

>Really. I thought myself that one of them was Jewish myself. At
first I
>thought it could be Chance, But I think he's an atheist (however
spelt) and
>Jake's jewish, after reading this.

Yeah, I'm under the impression Chance is a non-practicing Christian
or an
atheist. I'm going to sound a bit opinionated here, but his character
Jewish at all. We don't tend to pack too much muscles. More of the
types. Also, in my stories, Hackle is Jake's father, and he's VERY
(or he can easily be). It wouldn't be hard at all to potry his
character that way.

>>This makes a lot of stuff easier for me with Jake, being
>>I'm Jewish, so if I ever wrote a story were he got married,
>>I would know the right ceremony and stuff.

>COOL! I'm kinda thinking that when I get older, to see what Jewish
stuff is
>like. I find it a bit facinating (no offence here to anyone, except
to Ted,
>of course!!)

Don't get me started! We'll probably getting off the topic on this
thread REAL
soon, but I could talk for hours on this. I wasn't really observant
when I was
younger. I used to go to a Hebrew Day School, which I hated and
out in 2nd grade. I also had some problems (nothing IQ related) and
they didn't
know how to handle it. Then I went to Israel two years before my Bat
and got into it. A nice thing about Judiasm is Conservative Jews are
very tolerant of women. I can now pray in my synoagoage with a tallis
(ya know,
the prayer shawl) and tefillin (the black strings around the arm).
Dad doesn't
dig it though. He doesn't like the idea of me being more religious
than him. He
completely ditched the idea of my wearing a yamaka when I tried (yes,
girls do that now). Oh well.

                                                          Dr. Jake

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