Christmas for Kats...

Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 21:15:38 EST

Christmas?? Hmmmm . . .
I spend WAY too much time thinking (more like daydreaming), and I
think (sometimes) about all this general stuff you tend to wonder,
"what religion to the SWAT Kats belong to?" and "what happens on
holidays?" Since I'm basically wondering this stuff for fanfic, I
tend to
make it up (hey, it IS up-for-grabs). In my stories (thought I may
never bother
to mention it) Jake is Jewish and I suppose Chance is Christian. This
a lot of stuff easier for me with Jake, being I'm Jewish, so if I
ever wrote
a story were he got married, I would know the right ceremony and

  just thought I'd mention that . . .

                                                Dr. Jake

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