Re: Married?

Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 21:19:37 EST

>I actually *really* hope such stuff is left out of the Kat-universe
as poor writers tend to
>shift the focus to such elements once they're introduced, and you
end up with a fairly lousy
>show. I mean, can you picture something like "X-Files" with a
romantic sub-plot between
>Mulder and Scully...or the Kats with a similar thing between any of
the main characters on an
>ongoing basis? Sorry, it wouldn't wash in either case. The half-
hearted flirting provides some
>giggles every now 'n' again, but beyond that...yiff.

Of course it would NEVER work on the show . . . I'll acknowledge that
SWAT Kats is an action show based on two vigilantes. If I wrote a
story where Jake
got married, it would take place at least ten years (maybe 20) in the
future, beyond
his SK days. It's hard to explain; you have to read my coming fanfic
to understand how
it might work.
                                               Dr. Jake

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