Of dead Kats and time travel...

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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 21:08:32 EST

>> We exist in every possibility.

>Assuming our ancestors existed in EVERY possibility. Is it possible
>your progenitors never met and therefore never had you? Certainly.
>how can we exist in EVERY possibility?

What I meant was every possibility happens. Obviously, WE ourselves
do not exist
in each and every one, I was merely trying to illustrate the fact
that everything
possible does happen, in a different dimension. In one dimension, we
do not exist
(oh, what a miserable dimension that must be).

>Fair enough assumption ... but your analysis in incomplete. It
>generally accepted that timelines are divergent, because each
decision a=20
>person makes in the course of his life leads to another set of
>which may be available only because the previous choice had been
made. If=
>so, then the future holds an infinite number of possibilities which
>yet a subset of ALL possibilities. A dimension as you have defined
it may=
>be inaccessible via "time travel", but a dimension can only be=20
>retrospectively termed as such since all future possibilities
>possible until one particular route is chosen.

Huh? A little more slowly please . . .
It is quite possible (nothing is impossible, we just went over that)
to make
a dimensional jump, but it is not at all "time travel". I don't know
what you
would call it, but it has nothing to do with time.

>The assumption that the SWATKats would not have been present for
>"deaths" in the example would be valid according to your
>of temporal continuity, however, NOTHING suggests that the absence
of the=
>SWATKats alone was responsible for the success of the Metallikats.
>could have as easily been DarkKat or Hard Drive or Rex Shard or any
of an=
>infinite number of possible villians which might have shown up
>gained the upper hand during their absence.

For this moment, we're going to assume it was the Metalikats, because
happens to be what the show said. It is possible that if the SWAT
Kats dissappeared
someone else could easily take over, but it that happened, it
happened in
another dimension. The episode only dealt with one dimension. Time
only deals with one dimension, and they used time travel.

>Therefore, your earlier
>assumption that the SWATKats could only travel to future "within
>control" and that "any changes are because of their presence or
>cannot hold since an inifinite number of possibilities still existed
>the future at the point they left and they could have ended up in
any one.

Again, any of those possibilities are different dimensions. Yes, it
is likely that you
could say they could end up in any one. All are possible.In fact,
they ended
up in every one. We just happened to see this one. I know that
with my eariler comments, but bare with me. The theory of time is
more of a
hypothesis, it isn't mean to be understood by the human mind.

>The main grouse I have is the implication that the apparent death of
>SWATKats is a loophole. It is NOT. There is nothing inherent in the
>which points to any of the ideas you have suggested. Your logic
>circular; you've assumed that your theory holds and therefore
>information presented to you which contradicts that must be in error.
>Why come up with a theory that explains less than it complicates?

No theory is a fact until it has no conflicts. My theory is merely a
I'll probably spend the rest of my life trying to work it out. Sorry
for accidentaly
getting you inside my head.

I'm going in a circle?
Good! Life is a circle!

                                      Dr. Jake

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