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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 16:25:45 -0800

>> This is a question for Chance--is it still valid. I know he's
>obviously not doing anything SWAT Kat, but is he still working for Hanna-Barbera
>and might have the same office? You said something in another note about the SK
>crew now working on Johnny Quest.

Davis is still working for the organization, and Turner would be idiotic not to hand the guy
carte blanche for "JQ". Still, dumber things have giving Peter "I didn't care
much for the original series" Lawrence the "JQ" reins in the first place. Anyway, any number
you have for Davis will still be valid, and you can always get his extension through the H-B
main number in any event.

Now, here's the hard part. If you intend to post any of his comments to the list regarding
anything whatsoever - make sure you ask his permission first. Davis is a professional guy, but
even the most innocuous of remarks finding their way to Atlanta have been interpreted in odd ways,
and nobody wants good people to wind up Southern Fried when it's not necessary.

> Once I get an OK from Chance, anyone with a question send it to
>me and I'll see if I can get it answered.

Good idea. And hey, nobody has to get my "OK" for anything whatsoever...have fun. Just
exercise common sense when posting the gory details to the list.

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