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>>>(BTW, this Razor's eye-slots turning to "hearts" is something
>>>that you would likely to find in "SM".)

>Just as long jake and Chance doesn't decided to make a glovatrix that shoot
>out Roses, I think that the SwatKats could avoid being a clone (Matt, if
>you still decided to draw the guys in that way, just don't try to give them
>a mask - OK? :)).

I'm not sure that Jake & Chance would be invited to any kind of Megakat
social/government function. It'd probably raise a lot of suspision of who
they are and why/how they got invited. However, I could see T-Bone & Razor
showing up with Callie. Hmm.. I picture it much like that scene in "Enter
the Madkat" when TB & R show up at Enforcer HQ and Steele asks them what
they're doing there.

>BTW, I always wonder, who is the worst Ice-skater on MegaKat city? Oh yeah,

Well, the _best_ ice skater would have to be Katarina Wit, of course! <g>

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