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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 1996 14:16:45 +0700

>At 12:28 AM 1/13/96 +0700, you wrote:
>>>Heh. Actually, when I saw my canned copy of the "Bride" ep,
>>>I'd just finished watching "Sailor Moon" and thought much the
>>>same thing.
>I've never seen Sailor Moon, but it could be a good thing!

Just as long that the SwatKats doesn't turn into an anime cartoon. But If
it does turn into an anime, then we have an identity crisis here. :-)

>I have it's intro starting up my computer rather than my SWAT Kat
>stuff forced onto floppies by.... ME!

In what format? I want to get one too. :-)

>>(Matt, if you still decided to draw the guys in that way, just don't try
>>to give them a mask - OK? :)).
>Awww, come on! Jake looks cute (cool) in a mask! Don't ask for comments!

Well, since that the drawing is only a fanfic, I think that is excusable.
Ok Matt, you can draw them with the mask on. :-)

>>BTW, I always wonder, who is the worst Ice-skater on MegaKat city?
>TED, my idol! No. I think T-Bone would be the worst. Somehow, I DON'T see
>him out in places like that!

Hmmm, it might be interesting to put all the character to go ice skating
(SwatKats on Ice. :)), and to see who is the one who are going to crash
first. :-)

>>Will T-Bone and Razor act the same if they meet another lady that look like
>They will act probably the same way T-Bone acted when Razor was getting all
>of Callista's attention.

Well, what will happen if this lady was totaly different kat from Callista?

>B-ko Daitokuji
>SWAT Kat Extremist.

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