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>>I can add to this list, lets put Briggs's sister to the story (Got this
>>idea from Terra's story.),
>Actually, that's really who I intended Cassandra to be. I was tossing this
>idea 'round for a while, y'know, before I found this list. I originally
>intended to make Cassandra the Deputy Mayor,

Remember the original SwatKats contact (The Policewoman)? I was thinking
that she really exist, and Briggs got the SwatKats communicator from her,
of course this is just my fanfic. BTW Terra, can I use your Cassandra? the
name only not the character that you created, I liked the name because it
remind me of Cassandra Cross, a witch that once date a flyboy, that
particular flyboy never do like water (Hey, he just like T-Bone, but then
again, all pilot hate to swim their craft in a watery enviroment.).

>but Callie started proving more popular, making her bitter and angry,
>hence her insults, and she finally went beserk, attacked Manx and Briggs,
>and saving them was the Swat Kats very first job as the Swat Kats.

My Cassandra is that original SwatKats contact (Of course this is my
fanfic.), I was thinking that she gives her communicator so that Briggs can
call the SwatKats when ever the city is in trouble. Of course my Cassandra
is not planning any revenge on Briggs, after all, a big sister have to take
care the little one.

>Then they give Callie the klaxon (it that how you spell it?Kalxon?)
>etc. etc.

I think that they give Briggs somekind of communicator. A Klaxon is
something that you use to warn people to hide or prepare for an attack, it
gives a very loud noise to warn people that the situation isn't safe. Of
course this my interpretation on what Klaxon means. I think that Ed can
explain more on what Klaxon mean.

>>Lt.Feral little brother.
>Whoa...... three Ferals are a bit too much for me.

Nah, this Feral is a little bit different, he just a hot shot jet jockey
who never fired a single shot (Outside a video game that is. ;)).

>Um, how about the characters from "Day and Night" (my stories!)

Hmmm, do you mean Tabby and Amber?

>and "Midnight Magic"? (Ryan's stories!)

The main fanfic character from Ryan's "Midnight Magic" is Naiome, beside
her, I don't remember anyone else.

>Terra Chang,
>Swat Kats fan,

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