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Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 07:17:32 -0800

>> BTW Terra, can I use your Cassandra? the name only not the character that
>you created,
>Sure, use it! I'll probably be re-using names I really like (I like the name
>Callista, and I just read "Children of the Jedi", and there was a character
>named Callista, <and wouldn't yuh know it, the nickname was Callie!> and I
>really like that name!) okay, sorry. Too much sugar in my system. =)

Heh. "Re-using names" is a popular theme in cartoon writing anyway. In the Kats we

"Mutilor": Chris Otsuki's goldfish
"Turmoil": an anagram of "Mutilor"
"Traag": from TMNT's "General Traag"
"Kliban": as in "Kliban's Cat" (unused script "Blackout")
...and so on.

I strongly suspect "Warden Meece" was reused from the name of a prison warden in one of those
old 50's/60's prison flicks.

"Dedicated to the indomitable spirit of the sled dogs that relayed
 antitoxin six hundred miles over rough ice, across treacherous waters,
 through Arctic blizzards from Nenana to the relief of stricken Nome in
 the winter of 1925. Endurance, Fidelity, Intelligence." -- "Balto"

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