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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 19:06:21 +0700

>Hi there,
>Always on the lookout for ways to enlarge my cartoon-collection I
>came across the SWAT Kats too. Actually I haven't seen anything from
>the show yet (apart from the home-page of and the episode
>guide) but I heard lots of good things about it and that's how it
>ended up on my wanted list.

Hope that you like it. :-)

>I am in germany and especially keen on
>getting shows in English, because we only get dubbed stuff here.

The same goes here, fortunately I watched SWAT Kats on the Cartoon Network.
So that I won't have to suffer from hearing a dubbed SWAT Kats. BTW, is the
SWAT Kats there is dubbed?

>There are lots of shows I'd like to get, but in this particular mailing-list
>I'll guess asking for SWAT Kats has the highest chance of success.

And I think that you may also has some success on finding tapes for copies
of Gargoyles and some other Disney shows here, since that there is some
fans of them in this list.

>Well my request is basically for anyone who might be in the position
>and willing to share copies of the show with me, i.e. sending them
>around. The main problem will probably be that I can only use PAL here
>in europe. I hope I can find some americans on this ml that have
>multi-norm-equipment or maybe even SWAT Kat tapers from PAL countries

I live in a PAL countries, unfortunately I'm only getting 9 episode of the
SwatKats (Minus the Secret Files, I din't get the Secret Files on the
"Cartoon Network" here.). So I cann't help you much here.

>(I heard SWAT Kats are being broadcast on the cartoon network
>worldwide right now, we have cable and our provider forbids dishes,
>strange I know).

A lot of country do that sorta thing. I think that they want to keep
outside influence from entering their country.

>Hoping for any answers.

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