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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 19:05:55 +0700

>Dark Kat as Felina's father ?!? Holy Star Wars, you mean!
>"I am your FATHER, Felina. Join me on the Dark Side!"

I know that sooner or later somebody will say that particular line. :-) Who
knows? maybe she is the one who gonna pulled of his mask and we will finaly
found out what Dark Kat really look like.

Here's a fanfic idea for Felina and Dark Kat:

The SwatKats almost got Dark Kat when suddenly they was stopped by Felina,
and then she fired a sleeping gas so that the guys will get knock out by
the gas while she take her father to a safe place. You may ask what is her
line before he stopped the SwatKats on capturing her father, here you go:

"Sorry SwatKats. But after all..., he _is_ my father."

Well, I just thought that I give you guys some more fuel for this crazy
fanfic thing. :-)

>Fanfic Idea: If you want to get the boys off the hook paying for the
>Enforcer building, Feral's death probably wouldn't do it.

Since that they owe it to the city and not to Feral. If Feral die, then
nothing will happen, only the city will lost a great Commander and Steel
take over the Enforcer (Assuming that he is the next avaiable rank after
Feral.), Felina get upset and leave the Enforcer.

>A better idea:
>Felina disobeys or "ignores" a direct order, and the building gets blown
>up again.

On what reason does she disobey or "ignores" a direct order? Felina is not
the type of kat that will disobey an order unless something personal is

>The precedent has already been set:
>Felina is drummed out of the force, and has to work a skut job until she
>pays for the building. Feral can't stand this, but he can't let her off the
>hook BECAUSE she's related to him. Even in Manx's administration, that
>would be too dirty.

Well, I think that Manx's administration is fine with me. And I also think
that Manx is a very smart mayor.

>Feral also can't admit that he made a mistake with
>Chance & Jake. Feral will have to "find" some reason or information that
>will clear the boys, so that Felina can come back.

I don't think that Feral will want Felina back in the Enforcer, I think
that what he wants for Felina is for her to live a normal and safe life. I
think that Feral will be glad if Felina is not on the Enforcer anymore.

I got another fanfic idea so that Jake and Chance can release themself from
the junkyard: Let Jake build a company of his own! Then when they have got
enough money, they can pay for the bill that Feral give to them.

>If they're cleared, and asked to re-join the enforcers, they're gonna have
>to refuse.

I don't think that the Enforcer will be to hot about signing back the
"demolition team".

>MegaKat city is too dangerous to do without the SwatKats!

Then what will happen if the SwatKats die? MegaWar 3?

>They can't leave their base, and access to all that scrapped PumaDyne

Unless somebody help them.

>They'll be viewed as cowards for not re-joining the Enforcers,
>but they can do more for the city outside the law.

Assuming that the Enforcer want them to comeback. And if they do comeback,
I think that they will be treated poorly by other Enforcer.

>What will Callie think?

I think that she will still have the same opinion on the guys. She will
respect all decision that the guys make, no matter what the reason is.

>Right now she feels sorry for them, but if they're cleared & stay in their
>salvage jobs she won't be impressed.

Well, if Chance found out that it was her true feelings for them (Although
I doubt that Callie really think that at the guys.), he'll be really mad
for sure.

>Paul Kemner

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