Who owns Cats?

From: Paul Kemner <pkemner_at_bright.net>
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 11:21:42 -0500

I've got THREE (all were strays)! Well, Chloe (12 yrs old) is my wife's cat.
I've got her trained (the cat, not my wife!) to do some simple tricks &
commands. She's a washed-out pastel calico.

Fricassee is the second. She's about 4 years old, and is a carrier for FeLV
virus, so she lives in the basement, where my workshop is. She's a sleek
oriental-looking tortise-shell with a grating abrasive meow that I just
love. Eventually the disease will catch up with her, but right now her life
is a lot better than the alternatives!

Rohlfs (about 1.5 yrs) is a black, ginger, and white tabby with a target
pattern on his left side (yikes! He doesn't want to be a PumaDyne security
guard!). He's a large cat that loves to eat, and he's some sort of Tao
master. Not very forceful, but he usually seems to quietly get what he
wants. His full name is "All-Purpose Cultural Rohlfs-Cat" a reference to

It's interesting how individual cats can be. If you treat them like a
worthless lump, they usually are, but if you work with them & expect
something from them they will surprise you. BTW- all these cats have secret
names & identities.
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