Re: Who owns Cats?

From: Ben Carter <>
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 1996 21:45:56 GMT

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> I've got THREE (all were strays)! Well, Chloe (12 yrs old) is my wife's cat.
> I've got her trained (the cat, not my wife!) to do some simple tricks &
> commands. She's a washed-out pastel calico.

 I've got a tabby (from a USPCA shelter) called "Flint" - He can be a bit of a
 pain at times (especially when he decides to use the monitor as a springboard
 to get out of the window(!), but generally he's content to wander around the
 house getting repeatedly fed and cuddled by various members of the family
 (have you noticed this? Cats often make use of the poor communication
 between humans to get fed more than once! (or at least ours does!)). As far
 as I know he doesn't have a secret identity, although he does seem to
 spend an inordinate amount of time on the roof... <thinks> ...prehaps I should
 check for landing lights up there!
   Ben Carter
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