Dark Kat & Felina

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Dark Kat as Felina's father ?!? Holy Star Wars, you mean!

"I am your FATHER, Felina. Join me on the Dark Side!"

Fanfic Idea: If you want to get the boys off the hook paying for the
Enforcer building, Feral's death probably wouldn't do it. A better idea:
Felina disobeys or "ignores" a direct order, and the building gets blown up
again. The precedent has already been set: Felina is drummed out of the
force, and has to work a skut job until she pays for the building. Feral
can't stand this, but he can't let her off the hook BECAUSE she's related to
him. Even in Manx's administration, that would be too dirty. Feral also
can't admit that he made a mistake with Chance & Jake. Feral will have to
"find" some reason or information that will clear the boys, so that Felina
can come back.

If they're cleared, and asked to re-join the enforcers, they're gonna have
to refuse. MegaKat city is too dangerous to do without the SwatKats! They
can't leave their base, and access to all that scrapped PumaDyne hardware!
They'll be viewed as cowards for not re-joining the Enforcers, but they can
do more for the city outside the law. What will Callie think? Right now she
feels sorry for them, but if they're cleared & stay in their salvage jobs
she won't be impressed.
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