re: Dark Kat & Felina

Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 21:08:16 EST

>If they're cleared, and asked to re-join the enforcers, they're
gonna have
>to refuse. MegaKat city is too dangerous to do without the SwatKats!
>can't leave their base, and access to all that scrapped PumaDyne
>They'll be viewed as cowards for not re-joining the Enforcers, but
they can
>do more for the city outside the law. What will Callie think? Right
now she
>feels sorry for them, but if they're cleared & stay in their salvage
>she won't be impressed.

Interesting problem: I ran into a similar one in my upcmoming fanfic.
No, they
can't stay in their slavage jobs. That would be TOO obvious. My
partially addresses this problem or at least leaves room for me to
solve it easily
in later fanfics.

                                        Dr. Jake

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