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Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 17:25:40 +0700

>Did you ever think about who our guys would ever settle down with?
>(that's saying they're capable of doing it)
> Well, I daydream A LOT (especially in classes), and I all ready
>thought about a sequel to my current story which should go up in the next
>month. You'll probably never see the sequel on paper, sorry, but in
>it Jake IS married (Chance is dead--cancer).

In my story, Callie is the one who die (Got an uncureable cold, most of my
cat die this way.). Jake, Chance, and an unknown guy watch her die, actualy
it was the unknown guy who watch her die, Jake and Chance was not near her
when she die.

>One story that was supposed to be written by a friend of mine (he
>never got around to it) featured Chance marrying Cally and Jake marrying
>Felina. Chance and Cally is fine--I think we all saw that coming a while

But would they survived the first year? I don't think that the four of them
will marry each other. We should bring the fifth character, I already have
one, Ryan already have one, do you have one?

>But Jake? I seriously can't see him marrying either female mentioned
>above.Sure, he can be a wild guy when he wants to be, but generally he's
>pretty calm and peaceful. I don't think he'd marry a violent person
>like Felina for a side he shows only once or twice per episode.

Felina would marry somebody, but Jake is not the guy that she would marry
to, Jake is just too commited to Chance and the SwatKats. BTW, I don't
think that Felina is that violent, she just handle things differently.

>in my sequel, he marries Dr. Abi, a character I happen to like A LOT for
>some reason. I'm a partial feminist, but I hate girls trying to act like
>guys by being tough. If it's not their nature, they shouldn't do it. (it is
>Felina's, I'll give her that). Abi's smart, and she handles the stress of
>having a sorcerer in her face all the time pretty well . . . I think they'd
>make it OK.

But Sinian is dedicating his whole life to science, beside, she is too old
for either Jake and Chance.

>What do you guys think?

Here's who I think that the one who has the highest possibilities of
getting married: Felina. Why? here are the reason:

Callie Briggs: Megawar 3 would happen if she _do_ get marry.
Jake Clawson: Nice guy, but not the type that a girl would marry to,
beside, his best companion in life is T-Bone, Chance, and Razor.
Chance Furlong: Not a girl in her right mind would marry him, beside, his
best companion in life is Razor, Jake, and T-Bone.
Felina Feral: She is a Feral, and I think that she will be the only one who
that will survived this whole mess.

BTW, I do have one fanfic character that can destroy this whole marrying
theory, want to know?


> Dr. Jake

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