Re: character web page?

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 17:25:37 +0700

>In message <v02130501ad1268cfb3fb_at_[]> you wrote:
>> >perhaps a pic of the voice artist, and so on?
>> Don't put the pic of the voice artist, that will ruin the magic. Put the
>> information their history as a voice cast instead, such as, what previous
>> voice that Frank Welker gives to, which cartoon that uses them as guest
>> star, etc.
> I dunno... I always like to see voice artists credited, anyway.

Yes, but a putting a picture of them??? let just put a bio information on
them, not their picture, after all, they are credited for their voice, not
their look.

>>>(Just a thought...I personally have no Web abilities here beyond browsing.)
>>I do have some web abilities.
>I don't have a WWW site, but I'd be willing to do HTML stuff to add to

Let me see yours, maybe I will put one on my homepage too.

> Ben Carter

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