Callico Briggs (or is it Calico Briggs ?)?

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 02:07:22 +0700

Let's compile all information about her.

Name: Cal(l)ico Briggs, Callie.
(Her name is taken from Calico cat, a breed of cat, of course Callie is
more than any Calico cat)
Job: Deputy Mayor of MegaKat city.
(Part timer as the SwatKats contacts, got the job from the "Policewoman")
House: Location Unknown. (Wow ! a mystery)
Age: Around her mid 20's.
(Although I say it around 27-29, but I cann't argue with the whole list)
Eyes: Green (Am I right about the color of her eyes?)
Hair: I don't know about describing somebody hair, but I say it is blonde.
Personalities :I cann't describe her personalities, I'm lack of word to do
it, I think that Ed already done this.

Relation to the character of the series:
Manx: Fellow city hall member and her boss.
Jake and Chance: Her mechanic and her friends.
T-Bone and Razor: Her business friends and her friends.
Ulysses Feral: We got to found out more about this.
Felina Feral: We got to found out more about this.

Past history: ----<Put your idea right here>----

Ok, any comments? any addition? I may missing out something here.

PS: Now you know why my first question on this mailing list is about her.

Ok! now since this out, the next character profile will be Felina Feral,
T-Bone and Razor will follow next.

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