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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 02:07:25 +0700

>>hmm. has Callie been with Manx all the time?
>Hard to say.. This is probably gonna be another one of those "unknowns" that
>we debate over so much.

Such as her house, glasses, the mysterious stranger stuff, etc.
(This is the sorta thing that you have to put in the X-Files.)

>It is a fact, however that Mayor Manx has been in
>office for ten terms as he said in "The Giant Bacteria"
>The length of a mayoral term, IMO, is 1 year.

Or six months, MegaKat maybe has a shorter mayoral term. They may have
three months for the mayoral terms.

>How did I arrive at that figure?
>Now if we assume that Callie started campaigning for Manx before his first
>term and somehow was chosen by Manx to be Deputy Mayor, it would be logical
>to guess Callie's age between 28-29.
>(If Callie started campaigning right after high school at age 18 -- the legal
>voting age -- 10 terms & 10 years later.. well, you get the idea.)

I dont think that an 18 year old idea of fun is campaigning, but I agree
her age with you, since that I also think that her age is probaly between
27-29. I still confuse the started campaigning for Mayor since she was 18

Maybe she meet Manx since she was 23-24, and started to work for him from
the first day she met him. And the first time Manx run for office is
probaly 4-5 years ago, of course this is IMHO.

>Chance, should we start voting on this kinda stuff & putting it into the FAQ?

I think that we have to do that. I will start to putting a character
profile and send it to the list, and you guys will give your idea about to
this profile.

Gee chance, and you said that "You never find out much of that kind of
background stuff from anybody.", and you were right! I couldn't find that
much of information from anybody. We got to make one. :-)

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