Re: Callie and Manx

Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 23:06:32 -0500 (EST)

>>It is a fact, however that Mayor Manx has been in
>>office for ten terms as he said in "The Giant Bacteria"
>>The length of a mayoral term, IMO, is 1 year.
>Or six months, MegaKat maybe has a shorter mayoral term. They may have
>three months for the mayoral terms.

Let's be realistic - nothing would ever get done if the politicians spent
_all_ their time campaigning. ;)

>Maybe she meet Manx since she was 23-24, and started to work for him from
>the first day she met him. And the first time Manx run for office is
>probaly 4-5 years ago, of course this is IMHO.

Uhh.. Naahh! I'm still sticking with my original response above. ;)

>I dont think that an 18 year old idea of fun is campaigning, but I agree

I know a few Political Science majors that spend time campaigning for
politicians. It's not particularly fun, but it gives them contacts for
their own future in politics.
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