Re: Kat guys must be Lt.'s

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Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 20:51:10 -0800

>>> likely meaning that all the other pilots would be Lieutenants (all military
>>> pilots are Lt. or above). I noticed something about the rank insignia
>Not true, in that in the Army, as well as in other forces, you have
>or had warrant officers, and senior NCOs, as pilots.

Really? I've never personally met either a Sergeant or Master Warrant that was
a pilot - lots of Loadmasters and the like, but not pilots. In fact, I think I read somewhere
that Helo pilots in VN were all Lt.'s by definition. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

Someone else mentioned that the Kat guys Enforcer uni's in "Wrath of Dark Kat" weren't
significantly different from those of the rank-and-file Enforcers on the street. Something
I noticed as well.

One thing on the "does Felina know Callie" thread. I think at their first meeting in "Mutation City",
Felina calls Callie "Deputy Mayor" rather than anything more familiar. I doubt they've ever said
a word to each other prior to that.

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