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Since that sending 8 message is kind of tacky, I think that I just put it
on one big message.
This is a reply to "Re: Callico Briggs (or is it Calico Briggs ?)?".
Terra wrote:
>>Let's compile all information about her.
>But how do we know if it's right? :)

Yes! that's why we have to find out about this, is it true or not? you guys
vote on this profile.

>>(Her name is taken from Calico cat, a breed of cat, of course Callie is
>>more than any Calico cat)
>Waitaminute! Aren't calico cats s'posed to have many colored coats? (red,
>orange, brown, yellow all on one cat...)

Yes, that's right, a Calico cat look exactly like what you said (Of course
I have only saw it once, so I don't know much about them. And I think that
there's only one color that I saw "Brown".), that's why I tell you guys
that she is more than any Calico cat, hey! lets add one "l" to different
her from a Calico cat.

>Terra Chang,
This is a reply to "Re: Does Felina know Callie?".
chance wrote:
>One thing on the "does Felina know Callie" thread. I think at their first
>meeting in "Mutation City",
>Felina calls Callie "Deputy Mayor" rather than anything more familiar. I
>doubt they've ever said
>a word to each other prior to that.

Yes, but Briggs does call Felina in the name of Feral, I think that they
may have meet somewhere before.
This is a reply to "Re: Callie and Manx".
Matt wrote:
>>Or six months, MegaKat maybe has a shorter mayoral term. They may have
>>three months for the mayoral terms.
>Let's be realistic - nothing would ever get done if the politicians spent
>_all_ their time campaigning. ;)

Yes, that's why MegaKat city still look the same. ;-)

(MY opinion is deleted to cut down the size.)
>Uhh.. Naahh! I'm still sticking with my original response above. ;)

Same here, I stick with my opinion too.

>>I dont think that an 18 year old idea of fun is campaigning.
>I know a few Political Science majors that spend time campaigning for
>politicians. It's not particularly fun, but it gives them contacts for
>their own future in politics.

But 18??? why think of campaigning from that age, especialy if you are
still young. And I don't think that Manx will hired an 18 year old to help
him, unless he need all the help that he can get.
This is a reply to "Re: Callname.".
Miss DJC wrote:
>>It figures. It is hard to found out that one of your relation is
>>actualy living in Megalith city, especialy if he is a gargoyle.
>There's a joke Jake makes before the gargoyles awake when he says,
>"Damnit, your family's been in the air so long your ancestors must
>have had wings!" They're discussing fathers or something.

I think that when ever there is a Feral in the leader, a Furlong always
tailing behind them. :-)

>I think that's a pretty cool line, because he doesn't know how right he is.

Yes, a funny one indeed. Like it! :-)

>>>Ramis figures it out nearly right away with Jake.
>I just figured out how I'm going to do the scene where Ramis and
>Jake meet up, and it should come out nice. Jake almost runs him
>over with the truck (he's a lousy driver).

You should have seen my character drives, that poor car will never be the
same again, even a car near him get demolished. :-)

BTW, love your idea of having Jake almost hit Ramis. :-)

> Dr. Jake
This is a reply to "Re: character web page?".
LtFFeral wrote:
>Branching off someone's idea a while back, about having vanity names, and rat
>having a "write your favorite SK character" thing, why not, if they're
>interested, let "characters" have their own web page? They could have their
>own FAQ (voted on by the rest of us),

Yes, that could solve all of our spelling problems, and all the other problems.

>which would solve some problems with the present FAQ.

The present FAQ need an update more than SE need an upgrade card.

>Does anyone have anything to add to this?

I with you Lt.Feral! lets do it!

>(BTW I havn't been to rat's site lately, so correct me if I'm wrong)
This is a reply to "Re: SwatKats identity.".
LtFFeral wrote:
(All other thing is deleted for size purpose only.)
>>Who clean up the mess after all of the events is gone?
>human counterparts of Burke and Murray!

Did Feral ever told Steel to clean up the mess? :-)
(I actualy have an idea of Felina telling Steel to clean up the mess.)

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