Re: SwatKats identity.

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 96 10:19:57 EST

>>>>Depends. In some cultures, Jake and Chance are the epitome of
>>>>anti-establishment, and therefore instant heroes.
>>>In which cultures does this happen?
>>Any major city in the US.
>Does every major city in the US is really look like MegaKat?

No. I was talking about the part about counterculture heroes. I
recall visiting Washington Heights in Manhattan in October 1990,
before the Gulf War, and all the Spanish language (area is primarily
Dominican) "down with the US" and "stop the war" posters made me
think I was in Cuba :)

>>>>Aside from the villainry, MegaKat City seems fairly law-abiding
>>Boring, as in predictable, can be good.
>Does this mean that they always stop at every red light? I began to wonder
>why do the Enforcer ever created in the first place.

Well, in Europe and places like Singapore they obey the rules more.
I recall reading in a German defense journal a comment to the effect
of "I hear that in New York they cross the street without waiting
for the signal." :)

Kats seem to be pretty law-abiding too, and if it weren't for the
various megalomaniacal villains they probably wouldn't need as many
Enforcers. Of course Pumadyne would then go out of business after
losing all those replacement chopper contracts :)

>>And while the citizens of our cities may not be as law-abiding,
>>at least we don't have aluminum showers (falling choppers) at
>>annoyingly frequent intervals :).
>Who clean up the mess after all of the events is gone?

I dunno, but it's faster than around here. A midair about 10 years
ago (about three miles from where I live) took weeks to clean up,
and that was just a business jet and a prop twin.


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