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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 01:31:50 +0700

>> If Callie has been Deputy Mayor for as long as Manx has been in office,
>> she's been there for 10 terms of mayoral office.
>hmm. has Callie been with Manx all the time? Manx doesn't seem
>likely to last long as mayor without help. perhaps Callie knew Manx
>from his days campaigning for chairman of the water board? or was she
>brought in to help prop up a flagging second-term Manx?

I was also asking this the first time I join this list, but chance said
that it ia posibilies for a fanfic (So he just keep me hang around in the
Twilight Zone.), so just fanfic ahead, this is the possibilities, but may
get a little bit absurd, so don't take it serously:

a) An alien from another planet, and since that they never show her house,
I became more convince.
(Try to sneak into city hall to find out more about MegaKat city.)
b) A magician, and since that ther glasses seem never to fall, I became
more convinced.
(Try to rule MegaKat city by sneaking into city hall.)
c) She was hired as a Deputy Mayor by Manx, since that she is the only one
who work for cheap.
(Probaly after the destruction of the Enforcer building, so this a conflict
to Matt theory.)
d) She was hired by Manx since his first day in office, since that he need
all the help that he can get.
(Her age probaly older than you supsected.)
e) Manx probaly got lazy when Briggs starting to do all the work.
(The mayor hasn't done one ounce of paperwork in years!)
f) Knew Manx from his first campaigning day for Mayor, but this may not be true.
(Just like Matt said, "I doubt that she work in city hall since she is 15.)

And there's still more, but that could take go over the 6kb limit.

The possibilities are endless, but here's what I think of her position. I
think that she between 27-29 (Hey, this is my mind, I could anything that I
want.), and she work after the Enforcer building incident, know Manx very
well (That's why she doesn't leave the mayor alone in his work.), probaly
know Jake and Chance from his visit to MegaKat junkyard, know the SwatKats
from his sister (I have an idea that the policewoman do exist.), and
probaly always get in trouble since she is just a kid (She may have a thing
that can attract trouble.). Of course this is only a few that I can think
of, so there still some more, but you may think of an another idea.

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