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>> were in the Enforcers. If Callie has been Deputy Mayor for as long as Manx
>> has been in office, she's been there for 10 terms of mayoral office. (Hmm..
>> I doubt she's been there the whole time, unless she started work at 15 years
>> old! <g>)
>hmm. has Callie been with Manx all the time? Manx doesn't seem
>likely to last long as mayor without help. perhaps Callie knew Manx
>from his days campaigning for chairman of the water board? or was she
>brought in to help prop up a flagging second-term Manx?

Hard to say.. This is probably gonna be another one of those "unknowns" that
we debate over so much. It is a fact, however that Mayor Manx has been in
office for ten terms as he said in "The Giant Bacteria" (Manx says to Feral,
"You don't get to be mayor for 10 terms without being cautious!", or
something to that effect.) The length of a mayoral term, IMO, is 1 year.
How did I arrive at that figure? Well, I guessed. (Incendentally, Manx was
running for office in "The Ghost Pilot".)

Now if we assume that Callie started campaigning for Manx before his first
term and somehow was chosen by Manx to be Deputy Mayor, it would be logical
to guess Callie's age between 28-29. (If Callie started campaigning right
after high school at age 18 -- the legal voting age -- 10 terms & 10 years
later.. well, you get the idea.)

Chance, should we start voting on this kinda stuff & putting it into the FAQ?

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