Re: Callico Briggs (or is it Calico Briggs ?)?

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 04:24:07 +0700

>>But is it definetly Calico? I know that the TurboKat is TurboKat and not
>>TubroKat, but what about Calico? or is it Callico?
>Look, let's see how plain I can make this.
>"Calico" is a cat. "Callie" is a cat.

chance, she is a kat (I think that a cat is different from a kat, in some
sort of way.), I think that the spelling of her name should be converted
too. Of course unless somebody here have a better idea on how it should be
spell, that's why we need the new FAQ, this spelling thing is got to be
agree on.

>"Callie" is short for "Calico" in much the same way
>"Robbie" is short for "Robert". 'Nuff said...let's move on.

Yes, I agree with you on adding more letters on somebody nickname, although
I still believe it is "Callico".

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