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From: Chance <>
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 1995 11:22:13 -0700 (PDT)

On Sun, 17 Sep 1995, Leet Wai Leong Simon wrote:

> On Sat, 16 Sep 1995, Chance wrote:

> Been waiting for the Jake/Razor style guides for quite a while. Would be
> nice to see Hard Drive (& the other Villians) and sketches for the
> typical Enforcer and such.
> > (I'm using a fax as a scanner, so the images come out pretty damn good -
> > and I can clean 'em up in my recently purr-loined software too!)
> Neat. How do you do that?'s easy. Once you scan the stuff in, you can crop the extraneous
junk and selectively erase/touch up any artifacts caused by the fax
process etc. by editing the image in...(god this is dry)...on of the
progs I, er.."stole".

I have line art of:

Jake (from the Home-Video boxes)
Chance (from the Home-Video boxes)
Callie, Feral, Dr. Viper, The Ghost Pilot, DarkKat, MadKat, the
Pastmaster, the Turbokat, and colour art of the merchandise that would've
been produced (outstanding, BTW)

Also..various Kats missiles (did you know that the "Deadhead" missile
from "Dark Side of the Swatkats" was originally intended as part of
TB&R's good-kat arsenal?), various weapons, Cyclotron etc.

T-Bone and Razor ("gritty" style artwork, both as character models and
potential "Poster" shots).

Packaging scenes with TB&R and Turbokat in actual situations (some of
which you can see on the Vid-Boxes as well).

Sadly, no Felina to be seen in the entire mess, and no generic Enforcer
(though I might be able to get one later).

Kind of an admin thing -- if I scan in the B&W line-artwork, it's going
to be an odd resolution like 1280x1128 - i.e., it won't fit properly on a
single VGA screen. I can scan it in like the "chance1.gif" on the FTP
site, or crop it so it will fit on a standard screen - it's a public vote
kinda deal.

BTW, if you haven't already checked out Matt Weber's stuff "puma-ad.gif"
and "calliedm.gif", you should. I hope I can get whatever prog he's
using for those images for the stuff I put up - damn outstanding
line/colour quality - even in 256 colours.

Oh yeah. How clueless is Tedco? Check out Kats old timeslot on
will find reruns of Mark Evanier's "Garfield and Friends"; in itself not
a bad "cat" show for different reasons, but HARDLY what I'd call a fair
swap for our Kats.
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