Another Reason to Hate Turner

From: Ed Rudnicki <erudnick_at_Pica.Army.Mil>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 95 10:47:41 EDT

Well, over the weekend I found time to watch one of the three Kats tapes,
the Metallikats one. I was quite impressed by how good it looked; I never
realized how bad TBS looks on my cable system. That's the good news.

I also picked up "The Swan Princess", released on LD by Turner Home Video.
I can forgive the mediocre transfer, the lack of surround encoding, and
the fact that side 2 could have been CAV but wasn't. I cannot forgive the
fact that it's _not_ letterboxed. While Disney and WB understand the
animation LD market, it's obvious TedCo does not. This film really deserved
better. Damn them!

Ed Rudnicki
Oculis numquam claudentibus
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