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From: Leet Wai Leong Simon <>
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 1995 15:22:20 +0800 (GMT-8)

On Sat, 16 Sep 1995, Chance wrote:

> I've got "style guide" pics of Callie, TB&R and most of the remaining
> cast. Some of it is B&W line-art, (including some rad TB&R stuff along
> the lines of the poster), and some of it is the coloured versions of the
> same thing along with merchandise pics. Before I go filling up /pubs,
> maybe some of you can tell me what you'd like to see put up.

Been waiting for the Jake/Razor style guides for quite a while. Would be
nice to see Hard Drive (& the other Villians) and sketches for the
typical Enforcer and such.

> (I'm using a fax as a scanner, so the images come out pretty damn good -
> and I can clean 'em up in my recently purr-loined software too!)

Neat. How do you do that?

-Simon Leet (
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