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Date: Sun, 17 Sep 1995 15:17:32 +0800 (GMT-8)

> The linearity of the "Pastmaster"'s existence is a bit of a fur-puller
> though, in "Bride" he remembered them from the future (how's _that_ for a
> brain-teaser) as "those annoying pests from the Future - what are they
> doing in _my_ Past?". Interesting that he had his "Tome of Time" in the
> "Bride" ep, after it was turned into kitty-litter via the TurboKat's
> turbines in "Pastmaster Always Rings Twice".

Hmmm, how's about this: the Pastmaster from "Bride" is actually FROM the
future (IIRC, he was zapped into a portal at the end of "Twice") He winds
up back in the Dark Ages where he's supposed to be (he supplants his
original self, who I kinda assume would've looked less undead) and has
access to all his old stuff, since he's using the Tome before it was
destroyed and starts terrorizing Megalith city. However, since he's
considerably more experience than he should have been at that point in
time, history has been screwed up and the SWAT Kats are yanked back in
time to stop him (Pastmaster implied they were here because of too much
of his interfering in the timestream). Assumably, in the original history
Callista's magic (or the original hero referred to in the legends ...
maybe he died before he pulled the sword 'cos of Pastmaster's return)
would've been a match for him.

Wow. And I thought Quantum Physics was weird. :)

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