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> I'm writing a piece of fanfic right now and I'm kinda curious as to how
> time-travel actually works in SWATKatverse ... the only bit I remember is
> from "Bride of the Pastmaster" where the SWAT Kats return BEFORE they
> left, assumably displacing their "real-time" counterparts (they return to
> where they were supposed to be at that instance in time, but retain any
> changes they've undergone ... memories, equipment etc. after their little
> dark age adventure).


The Pastmaster is always involved in the Time-Travel ones, of which there
are two - "Bride of the Pastmaster" from the first season, and "Bright
and Shiny Future" from the second. In "Bride", the problem of displacing
"other selves" is resolved because they are _so_ far back in time (the
"Dark Ages") that the problem simply doesn't exist. "Bright and Shiny"
is another matter altogether, and the awkward meeting of "selves" from
different tenses is dealt with by having the future Razor and T-Bone
(*snif*) rather dead (and man, the scene with TB&R crashing into the
skyscraper and obviously passing on to that great litter-box in the sky
was _really_ emotional actually). TB&R _do_ retain the memories of their
adventures in the future as regards "Bright and Shiny" - and they _do_
retain any physical equipment alterations that took place in alternate
time zones...witness "Bride" where the Turbokat returned to Megakat city
still armed with the deadliest of weaponry -- "Pepper Stew"!

The linearity of the "Pastmaster"'s existence is a bit of a fur-puller
though, in "Bride" he remembered them from the future (how's _that_ for a
brain-teaser) as "those annoying pests from the Future - what are they
doing in _my_ Past?". Interesting that he had his "Tome of Time" in the
"Bride" ep, after it was turned into kitty-litter via the TurboKat's
turbines in "Pastmaster Always Rings Twice".

Lots of room to play with in fanfic when the "rules" are this broad, huh?
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