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Date: Sat, 16 Sep 1995 12:15:50 -0700 (PDT)

On Sat, 16 Sep 1995, Leet Wai Leong Simon wrote:

> Kinda tangential message, so pardon me ...
> I came across an article about the Turner-Time Warner merger in Time
> recently and they quoted some top Time Warner executive as saying Ted
> Turner "teaches cats how to land on their feet" (in praise of his savvy,
> I suppose) and the article ended with "even a wildcatter could become a
> pussycat" (some reference to how Ted was happier, healthier, closer
> to his children blah, blah, blah ...)
> Does anyone else find this oddly ironic? :)

I wish I could remember where, but Ted has used (and had used on him) a
wealth of cat-imagery. I think his attempted acquisition of CBS falls
nicely into another cat-image...batting a ball of yarn just tantalizingly
out of reach! Heh!

For those of us that read Lance Falk's script premises "Cold War" and
"Blackout", I finally worked out how to use my thieved image-manipulation
stuff (thanks Brad and Rat), and as soon as FTP decides to work again,
you can check out Lance's original sketches of Rexx Shard and Blackout
respectively under the rather uncreative filenames "shard.gif" and
"blackout.gif". They're just b&w thumbnail sketches, but they're pretty

I've got "style guide" pics of Callie, TB&R and most of the remaining
cast. Some of it is B&W line-art, (including some rad TB&R stuff along
the lines of the poster), and some of it is the coloured versions of the
same thing along with merchandise pics. Before I go filling up /pubs,
maybe some of you can tell me what you'd like to see put up.

(I'm using a fax as a scanner, so the images come out pretty damn good -
 and I can clean 'em up in my recently purr-loined software too!)

 "I think I liked him because I suspected that, in spite of his professional
  and easy-going demeanor, his psyche is held together with baling wire."

 "The Far Side"'s Gary Larson on his choice of Marv Newland to do the special
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