Warner/Turner...it figures..

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Kind of bad news for those of us hoping to see a Time-Warner influence
jumpstart the Kats. I just talked to Warnerspal, and it looks like the
deal, as written, would keep Ted/Turnerco in control of Hanna-Barbera for
the immediate future and preclude any large shifts in philosophy. It is
still officially all up in the air however.

The _very_ interesting thing is that mention of Hanna-Barbera so far has
been limited to how valuable the land is on Cahuenga Blvd. that the place
sits on - seems that TWC has already been contacted by Universal in terms
of purchasing THE SITE -- without any regard for its current occupant.

Found out something else too. It would appear that no one at H-B is
listening to Kats fans because they have _serious_ budget problems.
"Jonny" is late and over budget considerably, and one of their current
WPT's needs retakes done _very_ badly, but "we don't have the budget".
No budget for retakes on six-minuters that are incredibly cheap to begin
with? That's sad (really). Something sure happened during the second
season of Kats...I guess Ted got tired of his new toy and took his
marbles home.

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 "The Far Side"'s Gary Larson on his choice of Marv Newland to do the special
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