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On Sun, 17 Sep 1995, Leet Wai Leong Simon wrote:

> future (IIRC, he was zapped into a portal at the end of "Twice") He winds
> up back in the Dark Ages where he's supposed to be (he supplants his
> original self, who I kinda assume would've looked less undead) and has

Good point..I hadn't thought of that. I kind of always thought of the
Pastmaster as a kind of "Q" - just sorta looks the same in all timezones
regardless of their relevance to our "present". Hmm. As far as
"supplanting his original self" goes, I think he exists utterly outside
of Time - though he could potentially have gone back in Time after
emerging from the sarcophagus in "Pastmaster Always Rings Twice" to the
point at which "The Council" entomed him and purr-loined his Book ("Curse
the Council...where is my Book?!"), and met up with his own self a la
"Back to the Future"...hoil! My head..hurts already it does..owie-ow!

> access to all his old stuff, since he's using the Tome before it was
> destroyed and starts terrorizing Megalith city. However, since he's
> considerably more experience than he should have been at that point in
> time, history has been screwed up and the SWAT Kats are yanked back in
> time to stop him (Pastmaster implied they were here because of too much
> of his interfering in the timestream). Assumably, in the original istory
> Callista's magic (or the original hero referred to in the legends ...
> maybe he died before he pulled the sword 'cos of Pastmaster's return)
> would've been a match for him.

When I saw that ep, I got the impression that PM didn't belong _there_
either; I think he just haphazardly landed in Callista's domain after
getting kicked through the portal by TB&R at the end of "Rings Twice".

> Wow. And I thought Quantum Physics was weird. :)

Oh yeah, it is. Cartoons and I get along like best friends; math and I
get along like someone and his mother-in-law..we don't speak the same
 " <sarcastic>..'Goodnite my queeeen'...c'mon buddy, I've got a hot forge
   for ya ta meet..."

 T-Bone to Razor in "Bride of the Pastmaster" (1993)
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