Re: Time Warner + Turner

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 95 07:38:24 CDT

Seems a tad ironic that Time-Warner, a company known for signing
the hardest of the hard core rappers would edit out cartoons when
they have people singing (yeah right like thats what it is) about
selling drugs, raping and beating women, and occasionally shooting
a pig or two (cop for those not down wit' it).

>So who is the lesser of two evils?

Tough one, I give Ted credit for keeping toons in their true form,
unfortuantly he won`t let you see the more violent or racial slanted
toons (Bugs Nip the Nips, etc.). Time did cut up the violence, so
flip that coin Heads you lose, tails you win, just use Teds coin
(double headed, I'm sure). I did hear a rumor last week that if Ted
can't get ahold of CBS that he would look seriously at getting out of TV
altogether. For what thats worth.

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