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From: Chance <>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 1995 07:16:03 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 30 Aug 1995, Dr. Samuel Conway wrote:

> I heard on the radio this morning that Time Warner has offered to buy
> Turner out for 8.some billion dollars. My first thought was, "Yes! Buy
> the bastard out!"

My first thought also (and it'll likely be my last thought on earth).
I know folks at Warners, and they actually get things done rather than
waiting for the wind to blow from the right direction, or the planets to
be aligned just so. They come up with a concept, they do it, and they
appreciate the opinions of their viewers (just visit
one of these days). Turner will only go for this deal (Time Warner has
three seats on Turner's Entertainment's board of directors) if he thinks
it will help him get a broadcast network (CBS). I'm not holding my
breath - I doubt WB is in any great hurry to get a hold of Hanna-Barbera
(though you can bet the farm that they wouldn't have canned the Kats -
look at BTAS!).

> So who is the lesser of two evils?

The LT/MM's shown in syndication are hide-bound by the current BS&P
rules, and are often edited for content solely due to this. The worst
offender is Nickelodeon at the moment, but the ABC ones are not that
wonderful either. "SwatKats" could escape virtually unscathed, I think,
and the only scene that wasn't already chopped by H-B which would not
likely make broadcasters happy is the one from "The Metallikats" showing
the grizzled, charred claw of the Mange's first victim.

For everyone's info, "Ted and Jane" buzzed off on some long holiday
recently to "think things over" after the offer from Microsoft's Bill
Gates for a 2-billion cash infusion in exchange for multimedia rights.

 "Using my amazing powers of intellect, I've concluded that life was more fun
  when I was least there were more TV shows to watch..."
                     "Monty" from the daily strip "Robotman"
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