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On Tue, 29 Aug 1995, Timothy D Fay wrote:

> Ian Lynn wrote:
> >I want to know what the pay-off was for the kids in the
> >"You say it, We play it" segments were the kids request their favorite
> >"WPT". "Here kid we'll give you an ice cream if you say you want to see
> >George and Jr.." I can here it now.
> You said it! And this week's "choice" was the second "Yuckie Duck"
> cartoon. C'mon, I _know_ kids have better taste than that...

Smoke and mirrors, guys. The Kats weren't likely even on the card. It's
kind of like one of those multiple choice questions similar to:

     "Who's your favourite baseball star of all time?"

Yet you're only given two choices - Ken Griffey Jr. or Jose Canseco.
Where was all this almost-press for SwatKats?


Christian Tremblay provides some insight into the origins of Dark Kat.
It seems Dark Kat was originally intended as a crime-boss that'd been
around for eons, and came across his legions of Creeplings one day when
he was searching underground caverns for a suitable base from which to
direct his anti-Kat machinations. He soon realized that he had an
inexhaustable supply of the little noisy critters, and it was originally
intended that they'd get "used up" rather violently and frequently in
Dark Kat episodes ("HAHAHAH! Into battle, my little Creeplings...there's
always more where you came from!").

Interestingly, it was Dark Kat who was originally supposed to awaken the
entombed "Pastmaster" in "Pastmaster Always Rings Twice" and not the
generic Grave-Robber types. The Tremblays story idea was changed at an
early stage by a combination of Story Editor Glenn Leopold and Producer
Davis Doi, leaving us with the version we see on the tube.

To help Christian get Teddy interested in a movie, I've printed out over
200 pages of fan-comments to send him - the sheer weight of which should
be enough to persuade Tedco that their may indeed be more fans of
"SwatKats" than "Yuckie Duck" after all. As soon as I mortgage my car
for the postage, I'll send it to him.

 "Using my amazing powers of intellect, I've concluded that life was more fun
  when I was least there were more TV shows to watch..."
                     "Monty" from the daily strip "Robotman"
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